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Anglo American Oil Company is the UK distributor for Aspen alkylate fuel which is specially designed for small capacity 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Aspen alkylate petrol is made in Sweden and is the petrol predominantly used in chainsaws, strimmers, lawnmowers, portable generators, portable (camping) stoves and lamps and marine engines in Scandinavia and beyond.

Aspen alkylate fuel is made from the cleanest form of petrol available - alkylate petroleum. These fuels are sulphur free and contain less than 1% of the amount of benzene found in pump fuel. It is also free from aromatics and olefins; this is particularly important in engines without any catalytic converters where the user is exposed to large amounts of fuel emissions.

In addition to Aspen, we are also the UK distibutors of AgiaLube who produce lubricants for specific applications in small packaging and EcoPar who develop ultra-clean fuel for diesel and turbo-jet engines whilst reducing the negative impact on the environment.


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