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Aspen fuel for camping stoves


Aspen 4 works brilliantly in all types of stoves and lanterns which are made to be able to work on regular "pump fuel" or multi-stove fuel. The bonus being an increase in performance, no smell (much less toxic emissions!) and less maintenance on your stove/lantern.

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Why should I use Aspen 4 in my camping stove instead of regular fuel?


  • Long shelf life - unlike pump fuel which deteriorates in quality after 30 days, Aspen fuel will last for up to 5 years and can happily be left in the machine through winter storage without any risk of damage to the machine or difficulties starting when it is time to use it again.
  • Handy container - Aspen 4 is available in an easy to handle 1L or 5L container. This insures that the fuel is 100% free of dirt, unlike if you re-use a jerry can for example. This means you are less likely to get dirt into your stove.
  • No Smell - when using aspen in your multi-fuel stove there is virtually no smell from the emissions. This means that you can cook and enjoy the surroundings without any nasty side-effects.

User Health

  • Aspen fuels are made using much safer and cleaner components compared to pump fuels (see link) this means that the emissions from your stove are dramatically reduced and cooking/heating is much more pleasant.
  • Users of Aspen report having less headaches, less sore throats, less dizziness and not feeling sick whilst using this fuel compared to pump fuel.

In addition to your camping stoves, Aspen 4-stroke is suitable for all 4-stroke garden machinery, generators, camping stoves and lights than run on liquid fuel (petrol), 4-stroke model machines and much more! It is ideal for long term storage.

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