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Aspen Images

Here are some Aspen fuel related pictures. Let us know if you have any pictures of you using Aspen fuel. Please contact Hannah on or 01929 551557.

Shows 2015

Just a few images from the shows we attend. Have you seen us at a show? Share your pictures with us by emailing You may even win free Aspen goodies!

How do you use Aspen?

What do you use your Aspen, or the cans for that matter, for? Send in your pictures to and tell us how. You could even win some free Aspen goodies!

Dealer pictures

Are you one of our growing network of dealers? If so are you featured here? If not send us your images and we upload them for everyone to see. Email

Alex Hibbert with Aspen 4

Hibbert spent five months living with the Eskimo hunters of Qaanaaq region, they used Aspen fuel to provide the team with heat and energy. Alex is currently writing a book based on his travels, more information can be found on his website

Carve Carrbridge

Here are some photos from the Carve Carrbridge competition a few years ago. The main competition is held over 4 hours, including a break after 2 hours. In addition a ‘quick carve’ event is also held immediately after the main event, with carvers being asked to prepare a small carving which can then be auctioned for the benefit of the local community.

UK Loggers

Here are some pictures from the last couple of years of the UK Loggers who are part of the UK’s precision chainsaw competition circuit. For more information go to


Aspen pictures from customers, shows and our dealers. Have you been featured?


Aspen related technical videos. More to come soon...

In print

Some of the Aspen advertising and articles we have in print. Have you seen an article we have missed?

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