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Alex Hibbert and Aspen fuel

Alex Hibbert and Aspen fuel

October 29, 2015 at 10:00 AM

29th October 2015

Alex Hibbert and Aspen Fuel

Last year we caught up with Alex Hibbert who, after planning multi-phase landmark expedition into the polar winter, had decided to use Aspen as the ideal fuel for their stoves for providing heat for providing food and water. Whilst on the mission he filmed their journey, and we have finally got a look at the footage.

We first met the polar expedition leader, Alex HIbbert, back in November 2013 when he was in the initial planning stages for the expedition. His research into the most suitable fuel for their journey had led him to our door, and we were more than happy to support his expedition. Alex said that 'one of the 'mission-critical' things you needed on independent polar travel is the ability to melt snow for water and to rehydrate food. For this they already had reliable stoves, but their options for liquid fuel were limited. Although they were able to use unleaded petrol which was cheaper, it was not consistently blended meaning it may be dirty and could clog pipes, as well as the fact it emits toxic fumes. This is when he discovered Aspen alkylate fuel and was attracted by its cleanliness and keen price, which he saw as reflection of its quality. So it wasn't long before this fuel became a vital part of the trip, finding out that even under 'arctic' conditions it still sparked easily and was so clean it left virtually no residue on the stoves afterwards.



Alex's initial plan, which was based on the ice conditions being average or good, was to make their way unsupported up the Nares Strait in the darkness of Winter and onto the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole, prior to the rise of the Sun in March. However, their plans were halted when a large storm, which took place as they arrived, set the quality of the ice back by quite a few weeks. This meant their route options were limited due to broken ice flushing out of the straits and a concentrated polar bear population along the forced path. The team took the tough decision, based on the highly likelihood of a mission failure, to instead use all the resources to stay in the region and immerse themselves into the polar Eskimo hunting community where they built sleds from scratch, bought local Thule dogs and lived as locals. This was a decision not to be taken lightly, but was one that would give the team a great insight into living in the arctic conditions; Alex said that over the near six ensuing months, they travelled over a thousand miles and were the first to complete some of the more challenging routes in that polar winter, so it was a good job they had some trustworthy fuel to assist with the trip!

During the trip Alex and the team stored the fuel in the original 5 litre bottles the fuel was supplied in. These were resistant to cracks and leaks, which was especially important during the trip where they did a lot of hauling under cold conditions. Some bottles were even stored under piles of rocks along the journey, which they didn’t make it on to, so if anyone is lucky, they might even find the odd can of Aspen lying around the Arctic Circle! They decanted the fuel into stoves using a silicone funnel, which was more suited to the cold conditions, but under less arctic conditions we recommend the fill-partner, which is available from our network of dealers.  

What a fantastic endorsement and test of Aspen's qualities - so not only is Aspen 4 stroke fuel an amazing product for your garden machinery, but it performs cleanly and effectively under extreme conditions - what more could you ask for? 

We are seeing a rise in people using Aspen to fuel their camping stoves and lanterns, and are even seeing people use Aspen in their model aeroplanes and cars, but what else is Aspen ideal in - let us know if you have used it.  

Aspen is available in 1, 5 and 200 litre drums in either 2-stroke or 4-stroke. If you are interested in buying Aspen then please find your local dealer, details of this can be found here. For technical advice or if you are interested in becoming a dealer, this please call us today on 01929 551557.  


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