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New uses for Aspen Fuel

New uses for Aspen Fuel

February 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM


We already know that Aspen is not only a great choice of fuel for our garden machinery, but also for camping stoves and lanterns. A new interesting market that has recently discovered Aspen 2 is the radio controlled petrol powered R/C model market. We have recently signed up Sussex Model Centre in Worthing who is now stocking the Aspen 2 premixed fuel - it just goes to show how versatile Aspen fuels are! It might be a good idea to contact any local R/C clubs and let them know that you are stocking Aspen.

WIN WIN WIN - What else do you think Aspen fuel would be good in?


Send in a picture of Aspen being used in an unusual application (or one of your customer's), the best ones will be posted on our website before the end of the March, with the chance to win a much sought after prize of an Aspen t-shirt!

Competition now closed. 


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