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Aspen 4 - Also great in stoves and lanterns

Aspen 4 - Also great in stoves and lanterns

September 25, 2013 at 2:22 PM


Aspen 4 works brilliantly in all types of stoves and lanterns which are made to be able to work on regular "pump fuel". The bonus' being an increase in performance, no smell (much less toxic emissions!) and less maintenance on the stove/lantern.


Here is a testimonial from one our our users:

"Eddie, We met at Confor earlier today, you gave me a sample of Aspen 4 to try in my Coleman lantern.

I was keen to try it so I drained the old fuel and filled it up with Aspen 4. The lantern seemed to light much easier, normally it flames for quite a while but it settled quite quickly.  There was a bit of dimming when running at full power but this was reduced by giving it a few more pumps.

I ran it at full power for about 20 mins to properly warm it up.  The fuel burns with no odour at all and I think the lantern runs a little quieter. I did notice a difference when dimming the lantern, it seemed to respond much quicker and it was much easier to control the light output.  With the lantern dimmed the light output was constant.

Having tried Aspen 4 I will certainly continue to use it as long as I can get hold of it and I will also look at using it for my generator and chainsaw.


Alistair Weston"





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