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Nicer workshop environment without the smell of fuel

Nicer workshop environment without the smell of fuel

September 24, 2013 at 4:12 PM



Barrie of Garden Kit spends a lot of his time in the workshop of his 2 unit Garden machinery shop near exeter in east devon repairing and servicing machines for his local customer base. every year during the cold winter months when working on machines with the doors open was not an option he would report chest and throat pains and daily headaches would be common.


This all changed however after last summer when Barrie and his wife lyn made a big change to the way they did business by offering their customers Aspen alkylate petrol. Not only do they offer these fuels in the shop but barrie also includes an aspen fill up into his extensive servicing program. Barrie quoted “before switching to using aspen fuels in my servicing procedure, i would have to put up with the horrible solvent smell of regular petrol when i serviced machines. Now when i get a machine in for servicing, i pour the old petrol into a waste container and fill it up with aspen before it enters my workshop. This winter i didn’t have any chest pains, sore throats or headaches and it wasn’t until i switched to using aspen that i realised that all these problems were related to the fumes coming from regular unleaded. Now even the shop smells better and my wife Lynn doesn’t complain about the smells from her desk!”

Not only is this an improvement on his health but Barrie also reported that since the fuel switch he has not had one fuel related problem after he has serviced a machine and given it back to the customer!


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