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Scottish & Southern Energy to use Aspen

June 22, 2012 at 3:26 PM

Anglo American Oil Company (AAOC) is pleased to be supplying Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) with Aspen fuel for all their tree cutters. SSE is the largest company in the UK to date who have realised the benefits of using Aspen alkylate petrol and have implemented it into their health and safety programme.

SSE is one of the leading electricity and gas companies operating in the UK and Ireland and directly employs 300 tree workers who maintain the power lines and electricity networks. SSE recognised the qualities Aspen had to offer and is now benefiting from employees not only being able  to work for longer as they are less likely to suffer symptoms such as headaches and sore throats but are also saving money with machines lasting and working for longer.

Distributed in the UK by Wareham based Anglo American Oil Company, Aspen is a form of alkylate petrol which can be used in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke machinery. Aspen contains no benzene, sulphur or solvents - all of which are plentiful in normal pump fuel. Normal pump fuel is designed for cars but is also traditionally used in garden/forestry machinery in the UK, however in the rest of Europe alkylate petrol is now becoming the norm. Users of Aspen no longer experience headaches, sore throats and eyes or nausea and generally feel much better at work from not having to breathe in these harmful chemicals. With one of SSE’s core values being safety, the health implications of normal fuel were a worry, using Aspen now means employees will not be at risk from harmful petrol fumes and will have a healthier and more pleasant environment to work in.

Aspen isn’t only better for the user; because of the cleaner burning characteristics of the product it means that machinery engines remain cleaner and require less servicing – meaning more time can be spent working. Ordinary petrol deteriorates if it stored in containers or petrol tanks, which results in starting and operating problems. Aspen retains its quality, meaning it can be left in the machine for as is needed without the risk of the carburetor getting clogged up so time wastage is kept to a minimum with the time saved from fixing machines and servicing machines.


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