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New dealer - Carters of Swanwick

June 22, 2012 at 3:25 PM

“We are very excited to have Carters of Swanwick added to our fast growing network of forward thinking Aspen dealers. When I met Dave Jacobs he immediately recognised the benefits of recommending a much less toxic and chemically inert fuel to their customers due to the increasing issues their customers are having when using pump fuels. We are sure that their customers will be very pleased with running Aspen in their machines and not only benefit from easier starting all year round but also a much healthier working environment.” Anders Hildebrand, MD of Anglo American Oil Company

Aspen is an alkylate petrol which contains no benzene, sulphur or solvents - all of which are plentiful in the normal fuel designed for cars. Users of Aspen no longer experience headaches, sore throats and eyes or nausea and generally feel much better at work from not having to breathe in these harmful chemicals.

Aspen isn’t only better for the user; because of the cleaner burning characteristics of the product it means that engine machines remain cleaner and require less servicing. Ordinary petrol deteriorates if it is stored in containers or petrol tanks, which results in starting and operating problems. Aspen retains its quality meaning it can be left it in a machine for as long as is needed without the risk of the carburetor getting clogged up. With increasing levels of ethanol in pump fuels these issues are being accelerated.

“We’ve had customers coming in for years asking for ready mixed fuel, we’ve listened and are now pleased to be able to provide Aspen to our customers.” Dave Jacobs, MD of Carters of Swanwick

Carters of Swanwick specialize in nearly all types of garden machinery, lawn mowers and ground care equipment and provide service and repairs to Swanwick and the surrounding area.

“We have also had lots of customers suffering with problems with their machines caused by stale fuel,” explained Dave. “Aspen can act as a preventive to these troubles as it won’t clog up our customer carburetors.”

Aspen is available in a ready mixed 2-stroke and a plain 4-stroke version and both are available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers and in 200 litre drums. 


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