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Salmon & Trout Association uses Aspen fuel

Salmon & Trout Association uses Aspen fuel

July 07, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Salmon & Trout Association uses Aspen fuel


Last month we caught up with one of our regular users of Aspen (and local to our new office and warehouse!), Martin Small from the Salmon & Trout Association.


Martin, as well as being a keen fisherman, is a volunteer for the Salmon and Trout Association and helps to maintain a small section of riverbank along the River Allen, a chalk stream which winds its way through Wimborne in Dorset. 85% of the World's chalk streams can be found in England and they are an area of precious resource. The Salmon & Trout Association, a registered charity, campaigns for the conservation, protection and sustainable management of an aquatic environment capable of supporting an abundance of indigenous fish species, invertebrates, animals and plant life so when they were looking for a new fuel for their maintenance equipment, Aspen seemed like the right environmental choice.

Martin originally started using Aspen after learning about the health benefits of using a cleaner fuel. He was also keen to use more environmentally friendly fuel when working on the riverbank, which led him to trying Aspen 2. Three years on Martin continues to use the fuel in the Salmon & Trout Associations own strimmer and chainsaw, and because it is pre-mixed it is ready to use straight from the can, and there is no room for human error when it comes to oil-fuel ratio! The product is ideal for the occasional user or for those who store their machine over winter because it can be left in the machines during storage. After winter is over, and the riverbanks are growing up again, Martin is confident to know that the machines will start up again when he needs them, first time, and with no fuel-related issues - leaving him with no excuse for him not making his 'catch of the day' now!Czech20Pool1.jpg

It always good for us to hear how Aspen fuel users are enjoying all of the benefits of using this alkylate petrol, which is better for you, better for machines and better for the environment.

If you or a customer who has made the switch to Aspen fuel and wouldn't look back then please let us know. They could be featured in our next news story!

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About Aspen 

Aspen 2 FRT is a practical, ready-mixed alkylate petrol which is ideal for chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawn trimmers and all other types of 2-stroke engines. It also improves machine performance and ensures a longer service life.

Aspen 4 is a 4-stroke alkylate petrol which is ideal for lawnmowers, generators, stoves and outboard engines. It is also ideal as a storage fuel for motorbikes and any engine that runs on unleaded petrol.   

 Aspen is virtually free from ethanol, sulphur, solvent, olefins and benzene.



Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. is the UK distributor for Aspen alkylate petrol which is specially designed for small capacity 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.  Aspen alkylate petrol is made in Sweden and is suitable for small engined machinery - chainsaws, strimmers, lawnmowers, portable generators, portable (camping) stoves, lamps, marine engines and more!

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