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Aspen supports UK Loggers

Aspen supports UK Loggers

September 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM

UK Logging Competition 2015

We are very proud to support Andy Cambell and the team of UK loggers. They are extremely talented and professional members of the precision chainsaw competition circuit.

We took the opportunity to witness them in action at the Confor show this year. The precision and speed they achieve with their chainsaw is incredible.

This year’s UK Logging Competition took place at Ashley Estate in North Norfolk. Andy has written a great article as an insight to the event.

You can read his article here – UK_Loggers_2015_article

Or visit for more info.

Official website for news and events on chainsaw competitions UK & EU  


About Aspen 

Aspen 2 FRT is a practical, ready-mixed alkylate petrol which is ideal for chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawn trimmers and all other types of 2-stroke engines. It also improves machine performance and ensures a longer service life.

Aspen 4 is a 4-stroke alkylate petrol which is ideal for lawnmowers, generators, stoves and outboard engines. It is also ideal as a storage fuel for motorbikes and any engine that runs on unleaded petrol.   

 Aspen is virtually free from ethanol, sulphur, solvent, olefins and benzene.

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Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. is the UK distributor for Aspen alkylate petrol which is specially designed for small capacity 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.  Aspen alkylate petrol is made in Sweden and is suitable for small engined machinery - chainsaws, strimmers, lawnmowers, portable generators, portable (camping) stoves, lamps, marine engines and more!

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