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EcoPar Diesel


EcoPar is an ultraclean fuel for regular diesel engines (Swedish pat. No. 522918, other patents pending). Compared to diesel fuel, emissions of the many carcinogenic substances are decreased by more than 90%.

The amount of visible soot is reduced, and the total toxicity of the emissions decreases considerably. Net emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) decrease by 30 to 50% measured over the whole lifecycle according to ISO 14040.

Users that earlier have been troubled by diesel engine emissions experience improved reductions of associated negative side effects. Common health discomforts from diesel exhaust are headaches, nausea, and irritation of eyes, nose, throat and skin. EcoPar is suitable for all applications where work in diesel emissions cannot be avoided; e.g. construction and building,
mining, park and road maintenance, inner city vehicles, forestry, warehouses, waste handling, etc.

Due to the low risks to health and the environment EcoPar is not classified as hazardous goods according to the international ADR/RID, IMO and IATA regulations.


RRP Price: from £72.00 for 25L drum (inc. VAT)

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25 Litre drum £72 (inc. VAT)
200L drum £571.20 (inc. VAT)


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