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Alistair Weston - Coleman lantern

From Lawrence Linders. July 2016

"I have been using Aspen for quite some time it is a really good fuel and I would not use anything else now.  I own a small woodland and use quite a lot of fuel throughout the year. I have an 18 horsepower twin cylinder DR Brush Cutter which cuts 1 mtr wide and will go through most things, and also a log splitter which both have petrol engines. I also have several mowers of different sizes and uses. all of these run on Aspen 4. The DR uses about 5 litres of Aspen an hour when cutting rough material such as brambles. Aspen 2 is used in my assortment of chainsaws and also brush cutters / strimmers."

"What I really like about Aspen is that I can go to any of my machines and know they will start instantly know matter how long there were last used. The other benefit is the absence of oily fumes so is a pleasure to use. I would recommend Aspen to anybody."

From Andrew, Hertfordshire. April 2015

I badgered Olivers in Kings Langley to start stocking Aspen, but prior to that as I work across the country I picked it from Earnest Does, and Radmore and Tucker amongst others.

The contracting side of my business is based around an alpine tractor undertaking small scale woodland management and rural arb works. I run a pto chipper, skidding grapple, winch and forwarding trailer. Aspen runs all the saws some of which are ancient! The older ones all converted well just needing a retune and new lines in some cases. Husqvarna 550xpg, 350's, 254xp's, 372xpg, 357xp, echo 2700 and 360, jonsered 2171, Clearing saws/brushcutters Husqvarna 545rx, 555fxt, 555fx, and various other blowers etc.

Saw the benefits of Aspen whilst working in Sweden in 2006, and saw no reason to go back to petrol, as the nature of my work means I can be away on survey projects for weeks at a time, and I now don't suffer any carb issues from storage, also like the lack of fumes and apparent clean engine internals.


Arbtalk_winner_Tom_Corke.jpgFrom Tom Corke, Scotland. Arbtalk yearly winner Dec 2014

He uses Aspen in his 2 top handeled saws as the are used only a few times a year.

“We used to have loads of trouble getting them to start, but now with Aspen they start straight up!”


From Dave - August 2014

Contacted you a while ago about switching to aspen.

Just a bit of an update really. All our saws are now on aspen and running fine. Both myself and my oppo have noticed an improvement on how we feel. Normally after a day in the woods under a thick canopy with little air movement we usually both had a headache, but this has stopped. Whether its psychological or not but it seems the big husky seems to be more responsive. Could this be possible? We are due to replace some 4 stroke kit this winter and are interested in running them on aspen from day 1.

Anyway, just a courtesy message to say thank you for your assistance in reassuring us in your product.

From Alfie Temple, Lowestoft. June 2014

I met Eddie at the East Anglian Game show and he gave me a very in depth description of the benefits of running Aspen. The most incredible thing of the Aflie_Temple_testimonial_pic_-_Copy.JPGdemo was when a piece of polystyrene is dropped into the normal 2 stroke it dissolves, but just floats on the Aspen. This is, as Eddie explained, what normal fuel does to your machines fuel lines. As explained on the website the main benefits are to your health, shown by the fact that you can smell the exhaust of a chainsaw running on Aspen-try doing that with a saw running on normal 2 stroke!

I then met Eddie again at the Arb Show where I got some Aspen 2 to try in my MS 660 when chainsaw milling, when you are very close to the exhaust for some time, and the difference is incredible, you no longer feel weird after milling for some time!

The only downside that everyone has is the cost-but how much do you pay for other PPE? (Which is essentially what Aspen is.)

What I recommend if you are undecided about buying Aspen, is to buy one 5ltr bottle and run 3 or more tanks through a machine (you may need to adjust the carb) and then see the differences. It is noticeable!

From an ArbTalk member. Jeremy ArbTalk name ThrustSSC, 2014

Had an interesting lesson yesterday. Was out in the wood pile with my 550XP and 576XP. Both used to be poor starters when hot, but settled down - or so I thought.

I ran out of Aspen, so I made up some pump fuel plus quality Stihl oil and carried on. The 550 in particular played up no end on hot starts.

I wonder if the problem I had back then - which was before I changed to Aspen - was actually vapour locking from the ethanol in the pump fuel. Certainly I've had no issues with it at all since changing to Aspen.

The headache, vile taste and stinking clothes were an unwelcome reversion, too.

From Rob, 2013:

I bumped into you at the SHVPS show on Sunday.  Thank you for the fuel.  Unfortunately it meant that I didn’t have an excuse to not mow the lawn that afternoon!

I first heard about Aspen about 18months – 2years ago after having a recommendation from a friend.  I had a quick look at your website and found the local dealers, but no one had any stock and I didn’t fancy a special order just to try something, so things wen quiet for a while. I remembered Aspen again at the beginning of last year, had another look and found that Winchester Garden Machinery had become dealers.  A quick call confirmed that the Liss branch (closest to me) had stock and I went and bought a can of both 2 and 4 stroke to try.

I am a domestic user of petrol-powered lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge-trimmers and chainsaws.  As an occasional user these tools are often left for long periods without being used.  This used to lead to all sorts of trouble with starting and initial rough-running.  Running on Aspen seemed to remove all these problems.  Starting the mower this year after about 6 months of not being used involved a quick oil check, top-up the fuel (Aspen 4), one press on the primer bulb and one pull of the starter – never been easier!  It took longer to dig it out of the garage than to get it started!

Since switching to Aspen all of my tools have been easier to start, especially after long periods of inactivity.  It means that I can spend time using the tools, rather than getting the tools to work first.  As a result, I spend more time enjoying the garden than working the garden.  For fear of sounding a little American… Aspen makes garden chores less of a chore.

Initial experiences when switching to Aspen was that the mower hunted a little on the first half-tankful (still with a bit of super-unleaded), and one chainsaw needed a slight tweak to the idle jet on the carb, so absolutely nothing serious or beyond routine maintenance.

In my experience Aspen makes petrol power tools work in the way they should.  I haven’t noticed any unpleasant exhaust fumes (unlike normal 2-stroke fuel).  Yes, Aspen is more expensive than pump fuel, but as a domestic user this doesn’t add up to much over a season and it is more than outweighed by the saving in time and frustration when an occasionally used tool doesn’t start or run well.

Thanks, Rob

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