Aspen 2 should be used for two-stroke petrol engines

Many hand-held machines, such as chainsaws or strimmers, have a two-stroke engine. These types of engines require oil to be added to the fuel in order to lubricate the moving parts.


Power Cutters

Hedge Trimmers

Clearing Saws

Aspen is for anyone seeking a solution to the problems associated with regular petrol for the sake of their health, their engine or the environment. Both private individuals and professionals can buy Aspen at an Aspen retail outlet.

Aspen 4 should be used for four-stroke petrol engines

Many larger machines, such as lawnmowers, have a four-stroke engine. These types of engines have a separate oil reservoir and do not require oil to be mixed with the fuel.
If you are unsure what type of engine your machine has, please refer to the handbook or check with your local stockist.

Garden & Maintenance, Landscaping and Forestry

Aspen 2 & Aspen 4

Perfect performance for machines such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, leaf blowers.

These sectors currently make up the main volume of Aspen used in the UK, through both home users and professional workers.

The advantages:

  • Your garden machinery always starts
  • Aspen fuel is stable for 3-5 years
  • Virtually odourless
  • Less maintenance and a longer service life
  • Optimally protect your health and the environment

Examples of use




clearing saw



Aspen 2 & Aspen 4

Did you know that a chainsaw running on ordinary pump fuel emits as much benzene emissions as 57 cars? Benzene is a carcinogenic substance and as an operator of these types of construction equipment, it is important for your health to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Aspen fuel is virtually benzene free and by simply switching fuel, you can reduce the amount of benzene emissions from your machine by up to 108 times!

Available as a pre-mixed 2 stroke fuel. Aspen can help avoid the most common and expensive mistake when using 2-stroke machines. Forgetting to add oil to the fuel mix.


  • Better for operator health – reducing the exposure to harmful exhaust emissions, especially in confined spaces (walled building sites).
  • Less maintenance – Aspen can be left in the machine between uses and will not deteriorate.
  • Eliminates the risk of damage to machinery from incorrectly mixing fuel/oil.

Examples of use

Disc Cutter





Aspen 4

Did you know that 25% of the fuel from thousands of older outboard motors remains unburnt and goes straight into lakes, the sea and waterways?

When you use Aspen alkylate petrol, you reduce harmful hydrocarbons in emissions by up to 99%. It might sound incredible, but the figures speak for themselves: Using regular petrol results in 300 times as many pollutants ending up in the water compared to when you use Aspen.

Aspen alkylate petrol is not just cleaner, it is also a more efficient fuel. In addition, it keeps 10 times longer. You don’t need to empty the tank over the winter and the engine will start more easily when the time comes to launch your boat.


TIP: When using Aspen in a 2-stroke outboard engine, you should use Aspen 4 and mix with 2-stroke outboard oil to the manufacturers guidelines.


  • Your outboard engine always starts
  • Aspen remains fresh for years
  • No sharp smell of petrol
  • Less maintenance and a longer life
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your health

Which type of Aspen should I use?

Use Aspen 4 and Aspen Outboard oil lubrication for the best mix for your two-stroke outboard. For your four-stroke outboard motor use Aspen 4. We recommend filling from the 5 litre can with the Fill Partner Autofiller.

Model building

Aspen 2

Aspen alkylate petrol is the ideal fuel for models with petrol engines. Virtually all petrol models use two-stroke engines. Aspen alkylate contains two 2% fully synthetic oil of the highest quality and stays fresh for years resulting in easily starting and clean running engines.

Aspen also has the advantage that it is virtually odourless. This means when the models are transported in the car, or worked on at home, there are no nasty fuel smells.

For models requiring a specific oil or mix ratio you should use Aspen 4 as a replacement for petrol, and mix according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


  • The best oil mixture
  • Ready mixed
  • Your engine always starts
  • Remains stable for years
  • No sharp smell of petrol
  • Less maintenance and a longer life
  • Your health is fully protected
  • Better for the environment
  • Contains no ethanol


Aspen 4

Aspen 4 works brilliantly in all types of stoves and lanterns which are designed to be able to work on regular “pump fuel” or multi-stove fuel. The bonus being an increase in performance, no smell due to much less toxic emissions and less maintenance on your stove/lantern.

In addition to your camping stoves, Aspen 4-stroke is suitable for all 4-stroke garden machinery, generators, camping stoves and lights than run on liquid fuel petrol, 4-stroke model machines and much more! It is ideal for long term storage.


  • Long shelf life
  • Handy container
  • Virtually odour free
  • Cost effective when compared to other stove fuels


Where to buy Aspen Fuel & Accessories

Find your nearest Aspen Fuel stockist using our easy to use dealer locator. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you contact your chosen stockist to check availability and opening times before visiting them.

If you can't find a dealer near you, contact us for more information on  (+44) 01929 551557 (Ext 2)

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Where to buy Aspen Fuels

Find your nearest Aspen Fuel stockist using our easy to use Dealer locator. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you contact your nearest stockist to check stock before visiting them as stock levels may vary.

If you can't find a dealer near you, contact us for more information on (+44) 01929 551557 (Ext 2)

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