Aspen 2 is premixed at 50:1 also referred to as 2% (100ml 2-stroke oil added to 5 litres fuel)

Aspen 2 uses the most superior, fully synthetic, 2-stroke oil on the market which is also biodegradable. If your machine requires a different ratio, you have a few options to reach that with Aspen fuel. Here is a guide to help you. 

Using Aspen 2 (Red can) – you can add additional oil. For example:

Mixing 5 litres:

  • adding an additional 100ml to a 5 litre can = 25:1 or 4%
  • add an additional 25ml to a 5 litre can = 40:1

Mixing 1 litre

  • adding an additional 20ml to 1 litre Aspen = 25:1 or 4%
  • add an additional 5ml to 1 litre Aspen = 40:1


Using Aspen 4 (Blue can) you can add oil in the same way you would with regular fuel to reach your desired ratio. For example:

 Mixing 5 litres:

  • Add 100ml to a 5 litre can = 50:1
  • Add 125ml to a 5 litre can = 40:1
  • Add 200ml to a 5 litre can = 25:1

Mixing 1 litre

  • Add 20ml to 1 litre  = 50:1
  • Add 25ml to 1 litre  = 40:1
  • Add 40ml to 1 litre  = 25:1


If you have a water-cooled engine such as an outboard you need to use Aspen 4 and mix with a suitable 2-stoke outboard oil, as recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Tips for mixing:

  • Always use the best quality oil available. Low-cost 2-stroke oil usually relates to low quality, you get what you pay for when it comes to oils!
  • If you are mixing into a 5 litre Aspen can, clearly mark on the can your new ratio, you want to avoid using it in the wrong machine.
  • Be accurate with your measurements. Many people add a little extra oil to be “on the safe side” adding too much oil will make the machine emit more smoke and result in a dirtier exhaust port as the unburnt oil escapes through the exhaust.
  • Some manufactures will recommend 50:1 with a specific oil or 40:1 using another oil. This to cover the event of inaccurate mixing or using lower quality oil.
  • Shake the can after adding your oil to ensure an even mix.


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