After choosing Aspen Fuel to power their business just six months after opening in 2017, Cain Markings now claim to be firm believers of the product and the benefits it brings to the operator, their machinery and the surrounding environment.

Fuelling a range of 2 and 4-stroke equipment for sports maintenance and line marking, Owner Sam Cain explains how efficiency and reliability have improved saving the team time and reducing costly repair bills!


Young GMA Board Member Sam Cain founded Cain Markings alongside his parents six years ago, the three-strong team providing a range of contract services to commercial customers in Hertfordshire and across the South East.


“We were undergoing training on some new equipment with High Five Training who asked us whether we’d considered using Aspen Fuel” explains Sam. “The first thing I thought was the advantage of Aspen 2 being pre-mixed which eliminates the risk of getting the ratios wrong but the more I read, the more benefits I discovered, and it quickly became a no-brainer. We’ve never looked back.”

Being virtually free from sulphur, benzene and other solvents means Aspen Alkylate Fuel burns cleaner, reducing harmful emissions – important for many businesses, but a necessity for Sam who delivers a large number of contracts in schools and other enclosed environments.

“The reduction in pollution and smell is a major plus and makes for a much more pleasant environment for the operator and those in and around the worksite.”

“We’re using Aspen in all of our petrol equipment including blowers, strimmers, hedge cutters and some of our ride-on artificial turf equipment.” He continues, “The majority of our work is conducted between the spring and autumn which sometimes means our kit will spend periods of the year in storage. Because Aspen is ethanol-free, we find that we can get equipment out after being dormant for months and it will still start first-time.”

“That extends more generally to the overall health of our machines. We definitely see fewer engine-related issues and, when we do, as soon as we tell the mechanic we use Aspen they all but eliminate it being a fuel problem.”

Sam purchases the Alkylate Fuel from Hertfordshire Garden Machinery, adding convenience and control to their supply. “We easily keep track of how much we’re using which helps us with budgeting etc.” He concludes, “We tell other contractors about the benefits and as soon as people try it, then see exactly what we mean… Even down to the can and automatic stopping nozzle which reduces spillages – it’s great!”

Sam Cain

Director, Cain Markings

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If you are considering a switch to Aspen fuel in your business, why not take a look at the “experience the difference trial”? It gives you the confidence to place your first bulk order with the guarantee of a refund if you change your mind.



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