Aspen fuel provides commercial users with cost savings and convenient delivery options. The new sizes fit into the range perfectly, providing additional fuel solutions to all types of business, whatever your consumption.

Place orders for as little as 120 litres with free delivery to your site within a couple of days.


New sizes now available?

Both Aspen 2 & 4 are now available in 25-litre plastic containers and 60-litre steel drums.

The plastic 25-litre containers have a handle on top and a screw cap. They also have an air vent which you can cut to improve the transfer speed when decanting the entire container. We recommend purchasing the Aspen flexible pouring spout, a reusable, low-cost spout designed to connect directly to the can and help pour without spillage.
The 60 litre is a steel drum, it has a standard screw bung and does not have a handle. It’s advisable to use a pump suitable for petrol to decant, these are available to order alongside Aspen if required.
New Container Prices
Benefits to your business?
  • More options to suit purpose/fuel consumption.
  • Smaller initial outlay
  • Reduce cost
  • Option for a small steel drum for those that cannot recycle plastic
Who are they suitable for?
The containers are perfect for anyone using Aspen commercially. They can be delivered direct to your site or collected from your local Aspen stockist, subject to pre-order.

If you have further questions please get in touch with us by emailing we will be happy to help.