Do you have the strength, grit and determination to take on the challenge? We believe that strength begins within and protecting yourself from harmful exhaust emissions should be your priority. Test your strength against friends, colleagues and others online by taking part in our fun competition. Winners will be picked at random and not affected by your time. If you cheat your time you’re only cheating yourself!

Rules of the Aspen challenge


1. The timer starts when the can is held in the correct position

2. The can must be held with a straight arm at shoulder height to the side of your body.

3. Your free hand/arm must not rest on the body or any other object.

4. The timer stops when you can no longer hold the can at shoulder height.


To enter the online competition, post a challenge related picture or video on Instagram include your time and tag #aspenchallengeuk. 

Online winners will be picked on 30th June 2019 and contacted through Instagram.

One of my favourite aspects of working in forestry is the exercise and fresh air. Aspen means I get to experience these things without the pollution and detrimental health issues from using regular pump fuel in my chainsaws. It also frees up more time to enjoy the woodlands by reducing the maintenance requirements of my chainsaw compared to using pump fuel.

Andy Campbell

Forestry Worker & Chainsaw Instructor, Chainsaw Training UK

To find out more about the benefits of working with Aspen fuel please visit the website.