Aspen Fuel and regular petrol are completely compatible and can be interchanged.
A good example of this – Some people choose to use Aspen 4 as a storage fuel in between uses of larger, higher consumption machinery such as ride-on lawnmowers.

If you have run out of Aspen fuel and looking to use regular petrol in the interim, there are no issues switching to and from the different fuels. Just bear in mind that the longer you use regular petrol the more likely your machine is to suffer from damage.


Tips for switching to regular petrol:

  • Ensure that the fuel is fresh – less than 1 month from purchase.
  • Only purchase the fuel you need for the task at hand – avoiding waste of leftover fuel going stale fuel.
  • If you are switching from using Aspen 2 (pre-mixed) back to regular pump fuel, don’t forget to add 2-stroke oil to your fuel mix.
  • Switch back to Aspen fuel as soon as possible and avoid storing machinery with regular pump petrol in the fuel tank.

Did you know? Switching to run on Aspen fuel will have a cleaning effect on the internal parts and particularly the exhaust port from the soot build-up associated with other fuels!

Practical tips when switching to Aspen for storage:

  • Before changing fuel you should run the fuel tank as low as possible on the last use.
  • Once filled with Aspen fuel continue to use or run the machine for long enough to ensure it has worked through the fuel system. Doing this will eradicate stale fuel issues and the machine can be stored away for long periods of time.
  • After the first few hours from the fuel switch, visually inspect the machine for any fuel leaks.
As we mentioned previously Aspen can’t reverse any damage caused by regular petrol, if you are using regular petrol or have done in the past you should keep your servicing up to date.
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