It’s a myth we sometimes hear, and, whilst it is perfect to use Aspen Fuel from day one with a new machine, you 100% can switch over machinery that has previously run on another petrol or alkylate fuel. You do not need to modify your machine for it to work with Aspen.

If your machine has previously run regular petrol, switching to Aspen will have a cleaning effect of the internal parts and particularly the exhaust port from soot build-up associated with other fuels.

Whilst Aspen burns super clean, it is not magic, it cannot reverse the damage which has been caused by regular petrol.

The most common occurrence of damage caused by regular petrol is to the carburettor and to rubber seals. If you have this kind of damage, you might notice some running abnormalities like a hunting engine, and you may experience fuel leaks. In the short term, regular petrol can sometimes cover up these issues as the solvents in the fuel will swell the rubber and plastic components, effectively sealing any gaps. However, if you have experienced this, it’s just a matter of time until these parts will need replacing regardless of the type of fuel you use.  Luckily these are all simple and low-cost parts to be replaced.

If you have switched from regular petrol to Aspen fuel and you start to experience abnormal running issues, in these circumstances we recommend speaking to the shop that supplied your fuel or call us.


Switch over recommendations:

  • Wait until the fuel tank is as empty as possible prior to filling up with Aspen, this way you are not diluting the benefits of using Aspen.
  • When you have finished working with the machine, fill the fuel tank up again so it is ready to go next time.
  • After the first use, check the machine for any leakages around the fuel system.
  • If your machine is older or has had a lot of use, it’s ideal to switch fuel after a service, at which time old parts prone to failure should be replaced.
  • If you are not still unsure if your machine can run on Aspen Fuel, Please contact your nearest Aspen Sevice Centre or contact us directly.


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If you have further questions please get in touch with us by emailing we will be happy to help.


To find out more about the benefits of working with Aspen fuel please visit the website.