We have upgraded to a white cap for easier recycling!

White plastics are easier for sorting machines to identify, making the recycling process more efficient. This is just one of the steps Aspen is taking to ensure we remain the #1 choice for your machinery.


Packaging information

The Aspen 5-litre fuel can is designed to provide you with all the essential information you need. From the
hazard symbols to the production date and batch code, everything is clearly labelled on the can. Plus, the
tightly-wrapped sleeve ensures that it will last as long as your fuel does. With Aspen, you can have peace of
mind knowing that you have a safe, reliable, and long-lasting fuel solution.
Unlike regular petrol and other alkylate fuels in the UK, Aspen does not bear the symbol “dangerous for
the environment.” This means that Aspen is not toxic to aquatic organisms and does not pose a risk to fish

Aspen 2 fuel has a red can while Aspen 4 has a blue can. This color-coding system helps prevent fueling
errors, which are a common cause of machinery breakdowns. In fact, using the wrong fuel can lead to costly
repairs or even the need to buy a new machine.
There are special red and blue Aspen stickers available from your stockist that stick on your machine. By
making use of the color-coding system, you can avoid mistakes and ensure that the correct fuel is always
selected for your machine.

The cans are not refilled because according to UN legislation, petrol may only be transported for sale in new
containers. We encourage you to reuse your canisters as much as possible before recycling them. Upcycling
them is a great way to get the most out of your cans.

To recycle your empty container, simply make sure that the can is empty and remove the lid and can sleeve (recycled separately). Made from the same type of plastic as regular milk cartons, the packaging can be recycled wherever general plastics are accepted.