UK sales of Aspen alkylate petrol grew by a massive 74% in March compared to 2018 figures, thanks to an increasing uptake from compassionate businesses changing to using this cleaner type of fuel to be greener and safer in their working practises.


It’s great to see that businesses in the UK are finally starting to see the benefits of Aspen Fuel to workers health, the performance of their machinery and the environment. At first, most companies think that switching to Aspen will be expensive but those that are willing to give it a fair trial soon realise that they don’t use as much fuel as they originally thought which makes Aspen the smarter choice given the benefits it offers over standard petrol designed for cars

Axel Hildebrand

Business development manager , AAOIL

COSHH regulations (control of substances harmful to health) are placed in the UK by the HSE to advise businesses how to follow “best practice” when working with hazardous substances, when referring to benzene it advises that safer alternatives should be used where possible. In the landscaping and gardening sector, regular petrol falls under COSHH as it contains benzene which is a class 1 carcinogen.

Aspen alkylate petrol, however, contains virtually no benzene and should, therefore, be seen as a direct replacement to reduce exposure. Did you know that simply switching a 2-stroke chainsaw from regular petrol to Aspen alkylate petrol will reduce benzene emissions by approximately 108 times?

Aspen is available throughout the UK through a network of garden machinery specialists over the counter or can alternatively be delivered directly to your premises if you go through larger amounts of fuel at work.

Not only better for the environment but also better for you and your machines – Simple!

  • Free deliveries directly to your premises – no downtime travelling to collect fuel.
  • Long shelf life allows for fuel to be left in machines for long periods of storage without any damage occurring to the fuel system.
  • Premixed 2-stroke version eliminates the risk of mixing errors or accidents.
  • Less machinery downtime due to breakdowns.
  • Machines last longer and are easier to service.
  • Easy for operators to select the correct fuel and avoid costly mixing errors.
  • Improved working environment for your staff by reducing toxic emissions.
  • Easy to monitor fuel consumption and factor into job costs.
  • Simplified accounting with fewer receipts.

To find out more about the benefits of working with Aspen fuel please visit the website.