As the highest-rated arboricultural business in Norfolk on Google for the last 5 years, Dr Stump pride themselves on keeping their business as sustainable as possible. Which is why they use Aspen to not only protect the planet but also their team.


We had a chat with the team at Dr Stump to find out why they use Aspen in their day to day business lives, this is what we found:


As tree surgeons, Dr Stump’s team work with machinery day in, day out. Above all else, the safety of their team is paramount, which is why Aspen is an integral part of their business. Using Aspen as a cleaner fuel source can help reduce the risk of employees developing health problems that long term exposure to toxic exhaust emissions can cause and as they spend a large majority of their time on the job working with machinery a safe fuel alternative is a must. 

The team at Dr Stump use Aspen as an alternative fuel source for personal reasons. Matt, director of Dr Stump has worked hard to keep his business sustainability focussed, using Aspen gives his team a better feeling when they complete their work. Causing less impact on the environment is important and with Aspen as a cleaner fuel source working with machinery all day long doesn’t feel as sinful.

Aligning to the sustainability of their business, Aspen is beneficial not only to the users of the machinery but also beneficial to the machines. Dr Stump uses Aspen with all of their machinery, which includes chain saws, Stump grinders and Chippers. These machines are essential to their business as their services include stump grinding, tree surgery and bamboo removal which could not be completed without the reliability of well-maintained equipment. Aspen can improve the longevity of a machine as it keeps the engine cleaner and ultimately gives it more power, which is ideal for a business such as Dr Stump’s who rely on the power and reliability of their equipment to tackle the demands of the arboriculture industry.

This is what Matt, Dr Stump’s director had to say about why he uses Aspen for his business:


Since our decision to use Aspen fuels across our range of power tools and plant equipment, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in the reliability of our machines. Less downtime on repairs means more productivity which all adds to our bottom line.

The easily recognised colour of cans helps prevent the cross-contamination of fuels into the wrong machines.

Knowing that our staff are not breathing in excessive toxic fumes is really important and helps us reduce site hazards whilst allowing us to use the correct equipment for the job at hand. – with the added bonus that it’s safer for the environment!”


Director, Dr Stump

Guest post supplied by Emerald Bambridge

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