So, you’ve heard about Aspen, perhaps your new machine has a little Aspen sticker on the fuel tank? You are probably aware that by using Aspen you are protecting your own health, and you may have heard it will eradicate the problems you have had with stale fuel.

Being virtually free from sulphur, benzene, olefins and solvents, Aspen alkylate petrol burns cleaner than regular petrol making it better for operators, machinery and the environment.

Sounds great… How do I start using it?

In new machinery, it’s as simple as filling up with your Aspen fuel. However, if your machine has previously been used with regular petrol, there are a few precautionary steps you can take to ensure undiagnosed issues don’t appear and to give you the best experience of using Aspen. We have compiled a series of blogs which cover these steps and answer the most frequently asked questions. They also include some practical advice to help you switch your equipment and to select the correct fuel.

To find out more about the benefits of working with Aspen fuel please visit the website.