Does your business operate small petrol-powered machinery? Have you heard of Aspen Fuel? Perhaps you’ve seen us at a trade show, or talked to someone else who already uses Aspen, or, maybe come across the recommendation in the LANTRA Guide!

Either way, we know that it often takes a business quite a while of sitting on the fence, worrying about cost or logistics, before finally taking a leap to switch over. What we do know is that once a business does take that leap, they very rarely look back.

Once trialed most people find that the benefits of; protecting equipment and operators, simple accounting and logistics, favorable environmental credentials, are too good to ignore. Plus, we almost always find that the consumption is much lower than the company forecasted. Many aren’t aware of their fuel costs for equipment as it’s normally combined with fuel costs to run the vehicles.


This is what Axel, Aspen UK distributer had to say about the  trial


We want to give all business owners the opportunity to see the difference that using Aspen fuel can have on their business and their worker’s welfare. This trial gives business owners the chance to try Aspen without incurring any increase in cost during the trial – this is how confident we are that they will continue using Aspen

Axel Hildebrand

Business Development Manager, Anglo American Oil Company ltd

How does it work?


  1.  Register your business for the Aspen “Experience The Difference” trial by completing a quick form here.
  2. One of our team will get in touch and discuss the best container size options for your business and agree on a trial volume based on your current fuel usage. The aim is to make the trial last around 3 months. We will pair you up with a suitable stockist to place your order.
  3. At the end of the agreed trial period, we will discuss how the trial went and whether you would like to continue using Aspen going forwards. If you did not see the benefits for your business, we will refund you the difference to the equivalent cost of using regular petrol made for cars.
  4. At any point during the trial period, you may choose to end the trial early and ship back any unopened containers for a full refund.


Trial Aspen fuel and see the benefits for your business with our risk-free money-back guarantee.


If you have further questions please get in touch with us by emailing we will be happy to help.