The conversation that we have with virtually every professional user looking to switch to Aspen starts with them asking for the 200 litre drum price. It’s easy to presume that buying the larger size container automatically means you pay less. However in the case of Aspen fuel, the container size should relate more to how you are using the fuel rather than the price difference.

A professional user wanting to buy in bulk will pay more per litre to have 1 x 200 litre drum delivered than 54 X 5 litre cans! In general, using 5 litre cans is far more time efficient – it’s a pick up an go item, with no labour time needed to organise the fuel for the job. On the contrary, the 200 litre drum takes time to decant and you will need a suitable pump; storage is also more difficult. When these extras are accounted for, it likely outweighs the small price difference.
We see the main consumption of 200 litre drums going to businesses who have fixed petrol tanks installed, in this case decanting one or more drums at one time is efficient and cost effective.

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of both size options:

The 5 Litre Can
  • Convenient
  • Easily recyclable
  • Easier to store
  • Can be used with a fill partner to ensure safe spill-free refuelling
  • Waste can build up if there is not a working solution to recycling them
The 200 Litre Drum
  • Perfect for when you have a fixed fuel tank in use
  • Convenient when used in machinery with very large fuel tank capacity
  • Cheaper per litre when buying in bulk
  • Specialist storage needed with spill trays
  • Pumps required
  • Risk of contamination
  • Harder to transport and manoeuvre

How do you buy in bulk?

Buying in bulk is the most cost effective way to purchase Aspen and is designed for those who use higher volumes of petrol. The bulk delivery prices begin at 54 x 5 litre cans or 2 x 200 litre drums and include free delivery to your premises. Check out our guide to buying in bulk and also the benefits of working with Aspen.

Aspen Fuel is available to buy in bulk through your local Aspen stockist.