Phil Dunford has spent his whole working life in the forestry industry and he is one of the first UK forestry workers to switch to Aspen over 10 years ago. We went to find out a bit about what he does and why he uses Aspen.

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Phil Dunford – Proffesional Logger and Chainsaw Trainer

Based in North Wales.

I would say to anyone that doesn’t already use Aspen, try it because you will notice a difference.

What is your experience in the forestry industry?

I have been a professional logger for 30 years and I started chainsaw training 15 years ago. I chainsaw carve in my spare time.



Even if I have not used one of my saws for a few months, I know it’s going to start first time and that is very important to me.

Perks of the job?

Being outside, watching the change in the seasons and the physicality.

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